Surpassing the iPhone X, the Galaxy S9 becomes the best screen device

DisplayMate, the evaluation service and screen resolution solutions have won a lot of praise for the Galaxy S9 smartphone. Specifically, this device surpasses the iPhone X and deserves the "highest ever" rating in terms of display quality.

DisplayMate also claims that the screen on the Galaxy has "the highest performance and creativity". In tests, the device surpassed the iPhone X and became the only screen to be rated "All Green" in every category.

Dr. Raymond M. Soneira of the evaluation team said, the screen on the Galaxy S9 has the same hardware structure as the Galaxy S8. However, Samsung knows how to tweak its "formulas" to help it achieve the highest level of color reproduction and display quality.

galaxy s9
The color accuracy of the Galaxy S9 supercomputer based on the DCI-P3, RGB and sRGB standards is always "perfect". DisplayMate also said the brightness on this device hit 1130 nits, 20% higher than the Galaxy S8, but still lower than the Galaxy Note 8.

In addition, the reflectivity of the screen reached an impressive 4.4% (lower than the iPhone 4.5%), the color difference also reached a minimum of 1.1 JNCD at 30 degrees angle.

You can refer to the full report, full evaluation of DisplayMate on the screen on the Galaxy S9 here.

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