Nokia 7 Plus fire after 5 minutes sold in China

Now, if someone asks you where you like the Nokia 7 Plus smartphone most? The answer will be China, because the first Nokia 7 Plus shipment in the country burned in five minutes.
According to Gsmarena, Nokia 7 Plus has started selling online in China at 10.77 am today, and after 5 minutes of sale, all the available stock has sold out.

In China, the Nokia 7 Plus sells for 2,300 yuan (about 8.2 million dong) for 64 GB of 64 GB of RAM and 2,500 yuan for the 64 GB of 64 GB RAM.

Nokia 7 Plus dual camera fire after 5 minutes sold in China
The next batch will be sold in a week, March 15 and also at 10: 7 am. Possibly the next shipment also burned fast but the HMD did not indicate the amount sold in the first batch.

For markets outside of China, Nokia 7 Plus will be available from April. In Europe, the price of the Nokia 7 Plus is 400 euros for the 4 GB RAM.

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