Design language synthesis of the Sony Xperia smartphone life

Although not a leading name in the market but Sony still left an impression in the hearts of many users on the design featured on the Xperia phone. Here is a brief summary of the design languages ​​that Sony has introduced so far.
1. Iconic Identity
Iconic Identity is one of Sony's first design philosophy. Outstanding smartphones that use this language are the Xperia S and the Xperia NXT.

Iconic Identity
Iconic Identity
2. OmniBalance
This is a very well-known design language of Sony, launched with Xperia Z in 2013 and almost attached to this product line.

OmniBalance describes a smartphone that has a balanced design from every angle so users can comfortably use whatever they are holding, not necessarily holding it up vertically. OmniBalance is upgraded to Monolithic by 2015 and applies to the Xperia Z5.

3. Unified
Unified for a short time with the Xperia X and the attached version.

This design language has more bending parts and feels seamless from the front to the back. One of the unifying features of the device is the Xperia XZ.

4. Ambient Flow
This is the latest design language Sony has introduced at MWC 2018 when the Xperia XZ2.

Ambient Flow_1
According to Sony, Ambient Flow represents an aesthetic focus on curvature, light reflection and symmetry. So, the back of the four corners of the machine is not square, strong but soft curves appear.

Ambient Flow (2)
In addition, the upper edge has been thinned, but not comparable with many other competitors, but this is also a remarkable innovation efforts of Japanese technology companies.

Ambient Flow
No wonder you have a particular impression with which design language, and which phone is using that language to inspire you the most? Share with everyone through the comments below.

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