CEO Samsung: Galaxy S9 AR Emoji không phải copy từ Apple Animoji

Before the Galaxy S9 debuted, many sources said Samsung's flagship will feature a 3D Emoji-like feature like the iPhone X. A report even believes that this feature on the S9 is higher than its rivals. Apple.

According to Sammobile, Samsung introduced AR Emoji on February 25th with the launch of the Galaxy S9, and the company said AR Emoji is different from Apple's Animoji.

Galaxy S9 AR Emoji

Can understand why some people think that Galaxy S9 AR Emoji is a replica of the iPhone X Animoji. The Galaxy S9 was announced a few months after the iPhone X was on the shelves, and it also provided a similar feature.

DJ Koh, chief executive of Samsung's mobile division, said: "This is not a reproduction. He told The Wall Street Journal that this is a feature the company has been working on for years and the Galaxy S9 AR Emoji has a different approach to Animoji.

"Their approach and approach is completely different. We work seriously on our roadmap," Koh said. He also added that he had explored 3D animated characters since 2001 on the flip phone.

Samsung CEO: Galaxy S9 AR Emoji not copy Apple Animoji
Koh's interpretation is significant, as large companies like Samsung will study internal projects for several years before they are published. Moreover, Samsung was not able to fully develop the AR Emoji feature for several months after the iPhone X was launched in November 2017.

The Galaxy S9 AR Emoji also differs fundamentally in that it creates a digital copy of the individual user. Animoji are simply animated emoticons that express the emotions that exist along with the user's gestures and voices.

It looks like Apple has not changed the way Animoji works. 3D imagery has been available on personal computers for nearly 10 years. Logitech webcams also feature an Avatars feature, animated digital characters with user-generated styles and voices.

Apple has not really created 3D personalized user images, it's simply popular feature for smartphones. So, Samsung could hardly be accused of copying Apple's Animoji feature.

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