On hand & quick review Nokia 7 Plus: Only 1 word "Beautiful" to describe

Okia has a spectacular comeback in 2017 with a series of smartphones boldly impressed by the user thanks to its good configuration and sturdy design. In the year 2018, Vuong continued to show his style with many new phones have just launched at MWC 2017. And one of them is the Nokia 7 Plus.

* Note: Because this is a sample machine. Not a commercial machine, so it will focus on design experience.

1. Design: Remain familiar, mixed new

Previously we have representatives of HMD Global in Vietnam shared that the line of smartphones in general Nokia is always towards the strategy "Smartphone for everyone". Maybe so that Nokia 7 Plus is not equipped with curved screen to enhance the durability of the screen, which means damaged, more difficult to break, thus showing the true quality of Nokia.

nokia 7 plus
But they are still on the go with the 18: 9 aspect ratio screen overrides the camera body not so big that the screen reaches 6 inches. The face before the shutdown, the border and the screen as a harmony together, forming a solid block on the front.

nokia 7
When you open the screen to see the four corners of the screen is slightly curved, from which to look more eye. If the square to 4 corners will look bad machine because the 4 corners of the chassis are curved to make the user does not get a hand grip when holding.

nokia 7 plus page
At the edge of the screen is a speaker phone, light sensor, selfie camera with the Nokia logo is engraved and silver color so that this logo into the overall design, not break the seamlessness of the front.

nokia logo
I appreciate the design of the Nokia 7 Plus in the border. The chassis of the brass frame helps to stand out when combined with the white tone on the back. The screen is also a thin copper border, when viewed tilt the Nokia 7 Plus looks out of the way compared to its competitors.

vien may
The body is made of aluminum frame monolith but the back of the machine is covered with 6 layers of ceramic to increase the strength of the product. Because it is white, it is easy to get dirty, but just use a cloth to clean your back.

mat lung
The rear-facing dual camera is protected by a toughened glass and the Zeiss logo is engraved, incorporating a copper protection rim, which helps the back of the 7 Plus to absorb the look of the new look.

mat lung
Maybe some of you will not like the ceramic back cover of this machine. But according to his feelings. Due to the size of the back of the glass is easy to slip, when holding the Nokia 7 Plus with one hand feel more secure because the back of the nyaf cling to the hand firmly. In addition, Nokia has inherent durability, when dropped, of course, the back of the glass will be more damaged.

mat lung
Continued on the dorsal surface, the fingerprint sensor has been moved to the back, the Nokia logo is copper color is placed along the body, the bottom half of the back is the information about the machine.

Fast to 4 sides. The top will only have a 3.5mm jack, the SIM slot is on the left side, the right side has the power button and the volume key increases and decreases the volume. USB Type-C, microphone and speakerphone are located on the bottom edge.

2. Configuration: Enough to make popular users happy

Because this is a sample machine, I just recall the configuration, not detailed evaluation because the software or hardware is not optimized at all. Nokia 7 Plus is equipped with 6-inch Full HD + screen, 18: 9 aspect ratio.

oreo nokia 7 plus
The display of the machine is good in the sun, no color deviation though giving the sunlight to look. The color is not too bright, the red color is not changed to orange slightly like some other smartphone.

Snapdragon 660 processor, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM and 3,800 mAh battery. This configuration is enough for you to enjoy games like Union or Asphalt 8.

The back of the camera includes dual camera clusters, Zeiss lenses consisting of 2 12 and 13 MP lenses for 2x optical zoom and active foreground clearing. The selfie camera has a resolution of 16 MP.

3. Camera: Multiple modes, capture the active fonts

Dual camera of Nokia 7 Plus will allow us to capture 2x zoom. But the impressive dual camera of this product is the ability to take pictures to remove the active font, ie you can customize the background blur to your liking.

In low light conditions, the camera also shoots fast. The user interface is simple, like those who are not well-versed in taking photos as they can easily get the photos from the Nokia 7 Plus.

Some shots taken from Nokia 7 Plus
4. Temporary

camera nokia 7 plus
Nokia 7 Plus is currently not available in Vietnam. But if the price of it is less than 10 million, combined with the advantage of the ability to take pictures as well as young design with a bit of luxury, Nokia 7 Plus will be the product received much attention of our users.

On your side, how do you feel about the design of this smartphone? How much will you expect the price of the Nokia 7 Plus? Please leave a comment below.

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