Motorola has added the Moto X4 6 GB RAM version, running Android 8.0 Oreo

Motorola has just launched a new version of the Moto X4 in the Indian market. The device has 6 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal memory and Oreo Android 8.0.

According to GSMArena, the price of the new Moto X4 is $ 393 (about 8.9 million) in the Indian market. In this country, the machine will be sold through Flipkart and Moto Hub, starting January 31.

Moto X4
The new Moto X4 comes with many features that users expect from Android Oreo, including smart text selection, improved notification bar, split screen support, auto-fill for applications. like 1Password and LastPass, battery life is also improved.

Motorola also said that the new version will have some features that the old version of Moto X4 (running Android Oreo) does not have. In addition, the biggest difference in the hardware is the increased RAM 2 GB, the old version only has 4 GB of RAM.

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