Galaxy S9 not breakthrough, but necessary for Samsung

Galaxy S9 is considered a light upgrade for the formula last year's success. One of the best smartphones in 2017 is better but not breakthrough. As the mobile market wheel tends to slow down, the Galaxy S9 is the perfect answer and is needed with the big rivals.

This mobile upgraded at some points, such as stereo speakers, Bixby more useful, put the fingerprint sensor in a more reasonable position. These are positive changes, but not the leading or changing market.

Galaxy S9 does not work, but can charge Samsung to display 1
Galaxy S9, S9 + is the necessary stepping stone for Samsung's design team to perfect hardware and software for next-generation products. Picture: Thanh Duy.
With Samsung, offering a solid but less breakthrough upgrade is the best option to stay on top of the smartphone market, according to the Android Authority. Now is not the time when they come up with a new design but take the risk of choosing the right way forward. Users can see this advancement with features like AR Emoji or Face Unlock.

Now, only lesser-known mobile operators are forced to run the race, toss out unique designs or break the limits of the rest. Look at Vivo, they launch a mobile with fingerprint sensor hidden in the screen, Screen SoundCasting speaker technology or camera selfie pop-up.

Samsung may be the operator of this technology later, but it is spreading around the world. Like Apple, Samsung does not need to be a leader now. What they need is to strengthen the brand.

Of course, that does not mean they stand still. Samsung still launches major upgrades on the camera. Improving image quality, from better sensors, cleaning software has never been easy, especially for camera phones that are already very good. Camera is one of the top criteria for users to choose smartphone. Getting all the moments in life is always very important.

In this area, many manufacturers are also racing extremely fierce. Google uses the mechanism of learning to postpone post-production, Huawei has dual camera technology or wide angle lens of LG. Samsung's new aperture switch, super slow shutter speeds aiming at professional photography. However, these are not revolutionary changes.

With the slow change of design on the Galaxy S line, Samsung is in the same direction with Apple. Keeping designs and production lines in the long run helps engineers get more time to perfect their software and hardware.

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