Can Samsung S9 save $ 60 billion?

In the past four months, Samsung has lost $ 60 billion in stock prices. The company is hoping the Galaxy S9 will help recover the lost, both the trust of the user and the value of money.

However, Sat Duhra, who manages $ 371 billion of Janus Henderson Investors, does not think so.

Janus Henderson Investors has cut capital for Samsung and other Korean partners in the context of sharp drop in smartphone demand and hardware prices.

Meanwhile, Morgan Stanley also had similar concerns after dropping Samsung's credit rating in November 2017.

Galaxy S9 is Samsung's $ 60 million? picture 1
The two "trumps" Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus set many expectations.
Samsung, the world's largest maker of mobile phones and memory chips, has fallen 18 percent since early November 1977 amid uncertainty over its outlook.

At the MWC 2018 event held in Barcelona (Spain), Samsung has launched the new Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. The camera is equipped with many attractive features such as real emoji enhancement, camera upgrade and stereo speakers to compete with the iPhone X.

But Sat Duhra does not appreciate the Galaxy S9. "There are no major breakthroughs compared to previous smartphones. The mobile device is now saturated and there are no new features that make the user admirable, "Sat Duhra said.

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