7 hidden Google Chrome features that you should know

Google Chrome, the browser is too familiar to users. On a daily basis, Chrome offers users more features, have you explored these new experimental features before Google announces it?

On Chrome to enable hidden features, you visit the chrome: // flags address. After enabling the features, you need to restart the browser to experience them.

Chrome also warns users that these features may alter or delete the associated data. Also, as it is in beta, the feature may be unstable, affecting user security.

1. Speed ​​up browsing with Chrome

Enabling the QUIC protocol can help you browse the web faster. QUIC is a combination of TCP and UDP that makes browsing the web faster and more secure. With this protocol the browser can communicate directly with the server, thus improving the speed.

To enable this feature, after accessing Flags, use the search command Ctrl + F to find the Experimental QUIC protocol tested.

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